Divers and Snorkelers: Andros Barrier Reef

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When booking your flights to the Bahamas it is likely that you will picture yourself relaxing on a white sandy beach, or swimming in the crystal clear waters. However, if you would like to try something more adventurous on your vacation then snorkeling or diving could be the activity for you. One of the best places for diving or snorkeling in the Bahamas is the Andros Barrier Reef. It is the third largest reef in the world, covering around 200 kilometers and located off the Eastern Coast of the island of Andros, close to the Tongue of the Ocean in the Bahamas.


A precious ecosystem

The reef itself stretches along 100 miles of coastline on the eastern side of Andros Island and the dive resort is a great place to dive and explore the precious beauty of this area of the Bahamas. It consists of five reefs in all but each of which has a unique and individual ecosystem. If you are booking your flights to the Bahamas and want to experience some of the incredible nature that these islands have to offer, the Andros Reef is an excellent place to visit. 


Life on the Reef

The underwater world of tropical fish and rays alongside huge coral towers make for exciting dives, and you will definitely want this on your vacation itinerary if you are booking your flights to the Bahamas. The reef will provide you with once in a lifetime memories of this beautiful natural and living wonder. You may even glimpse the blue Marlin Which is a legendary fish in the Bahamas. In fact it’s their national fish!  At five meters long, up to 2000 pounds in weight, it can reach speeds of up to 60 miles per hour.

The reef also contains an incredible number of fish and coral species including the wonderful green turtle. The fishes’ names are as individual as the fish themselves, including the sharp nose puffer, black jack and queen trigger. Of course, the reef is home to some of nature’s more legendary sea creatures too. You could find yourself swimming with moray eels, manta rays, and reef sharks. So that the reef can be enjoyed by everyone, it is preserved in the healthiest state possible and it doesn’t suffer from over tourism. This makes diving and snorkeling in the reef both a very personal and natural experience and it is a perfect activity if you are booking your flights to the Bahamas.


Boat Dives

For those who want a more relaxed experience you can snorkel and experience the beauty of the reef in the shallow waters as it can be enjoyed from only 2.5 meters deep. However, if you are booking your flights to the Bahamas as a more confident diver who wants a bit more adventure, the reef can be seen in all its glory during a boat dive. These are limited to six people so that the experience is personal and safe for all and to also reduce the number of people going through the reef. The boat dives also allow you to reach the much more remote dive sites in the reef.  


When to Visit?

If you are booking flights to the Bahamas and hoping to visit the Andros Barrier Reef, the best time of year to go is between February and April. These months are typically warm and dry and the water is a great temperature for diving and snorkeling.

However, any time between November and May is usually considered a good time to visit and at these times you will avoid the rainy season which occurs during the summer months. Shark diving is also at its best from November to May, with superb topside conditions and you will find plenty of Caribbean reef sharks at this time.


Book Your Flights Today

If you are booking your flights to the Bahamas and hoping to go diving or snorkeling or you are just hoping to try something new on your vacation, Andros Barrier Reef is a great place to visit. Book your flights today to enjoy this once in a lifetime experience.

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