The contract between you, the passenger & Western Air Limited, the airline carrier.

​At Western Air, we are committed to providing quality air service to connect the islands and the world. All transportation of passengers and bags are subject to the terms and conditions of this Conditions of Carriage Contract and any other terms as printed on the ticket, authorized Western Air publications including published fares, terms provided for on and any applicable treaties, laws & regulations prescribed under the countries in which we fly.

  • International flight tickets are valid for six (6) months after purchase.

  • Domestic flight tickets are valid for (1) year after purchase.

  • All Western Air tickets are non-refundable and non- transferable.

  • Passengers are permitted to change or cancel reservations up to five hours prior to departure within the validity of their ticket.

  • All reservations must be paid to be confirmed. No person is entitled to transportation without a valid, confirmed ticket reservation.

  • On-Demand Flights are one-ways only.

  • For international flights, passengers must check-in three (3) hours prior to departure. Passengers must complete check-in, clear security and be present at the departure gate one (1) hour prior to departure.

  • For domestic flights, passengers must check- in two (2) hours prior to departure. Passengers must complete check-in, clear security and be present in the departure gate one (1) hour prior to departure.

  • All flights close one hour prior to departure. Once flights are closed, they are free to depart.

  • For connecting international flights please allow for a minimum of three (3) hours between your scheduled arrival time and the scheduled check- in time of your international flight. For connecting domestic flights, please allow for a minimum of two (2) hours between your scheduled arrival time and the scheduled check in time for the next domestic flight.

  • Provide a valid government issued photo ID

  • Provide a valid passport, visa and or other travel document required to travel internationally.

  • Allow the inspection of their bags by Airport Authority, Bahamas Customs, TSA, or other authorized government officials.

  • Comply with law and government regulations, airline safety rules & instructions

  • Release the airline from liability for any loss, damage or expense for not meeting the travel document requirements of a country.

We are dedicated to our schedule. However, sometimes there may be adjustments to the flight operations between the time you book and the day of departure. These adjustments may include departure or arrival times. Flight schedules are a top priority to us, but they are not guaranteed. When there are changes or cancellations that affect your trip, we will try to contact you as early as possible via phone and or email to notify & assist with rearrangements.

Western Air is not liable if:

  • the flight is late, flight time changes or you miss your connection(s).

  • the flight is cancelled

  • Checked baggage is late (Within the scope of the law)

  • There are consequential, incidental, special damages because of these changes (under no circumstances).

Western Air’s sole obligation is to refund the unused ticket value for delays more than 4 hours and rebook on its next available flight or upon your request, accommodate you on another carrier’s flights. For delays within our control, resulting in an overnight stay, Western Air may cover the cost of an approved hotel. Western Air is not obligated to reimburse, if you book your own alternative arrangements without authorization from a Western Air Station Manager.

For delays or cancellations caused by conditions beyond our control (“force majeure”) Western Air shall have no liability for damages for any delay or flight cancellation. Force Majeure shall mean actual, threatened or reported:

  • Weather conditions or acts of GOD.

  • Wars, sanctions, embargos, civil unrest, pandemic declaration or emergency orders

  • Labor or fuel shortages. Work strikes, slowdowns or other labor related disputes

  • Any other conditions caused beyond the Carrier’s control and were not reasonably foreseen.

  • Passengers are allowed 40lbs of baggage plus one (1) carry-on bag and small personal item.

  • Baggage in excess of 40lbs will be subject to overweight charges. Excess/ oversized/ overweight baggage will be sent on the next available flight if unable to be facilitated on the current flight.

  • All checked baggage is sent to a third party (Airport Authority or TSA or their agents) for security screening. The airline carrier is not liable if the checked baggage is held, confiscated, damaged or delayed release by these agencies. The airline is not obligated to wait on the baggage release, beyond the time of it scheduled departure. The Baggage will be sent on the next available flight.

  • Checked Baggage Liability- If your checked bag is lost, damaged or delayed during its time in the care of the Carrier, you must file a report with a Carrier Station Manager. We will reimburse for a provable value of loss, not to exceed $500. Items of great value to you, should not be checked in, as the baggage are in the possession of multiple agencies prior to being released. We do not cover loss or damage to money, jewelry, perishable items, computers or electronics, precious antiques/metals/unique items, business materials, keys and medications. Please visit for the full lists of items not covered in checked baggage liability.

  • We strive to be careful with your belongings. Normal wear & tear, minor scratches, dents on baggage, improperly packed items, damage to the inside contents if outside isn’t damaged, items not in a hardshell bag, are not covered.

  • Carrier, in its discretion, may refuse to accept fragile, perishable goods, or baggage based on its nature may cause damage to other baggage.

  • All carry-on luggage must be 12lbs or less and 12’h x 6’w x 14’l. Passengers are responsible for collecting their carry-ons at the aircraft stairs if it was not held in the overheard bins. All carry-on baggage must have a Western Air carry-on baggage tag. Baggage in excess of 40lbs will be subject to overweight charges. Excess/ oversized/ overweight baggage will be sent on the next available flight.

For international travel, passenger & baggage liability are subject to the Warsaw Convention & the Montreal Convention.

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