• ALL tickets are OPEN tickets. It’s our thing.
  • International tickets are valid for six (6) months. Domestic tickets are valid for one (1) year.
  • All Western Air tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • All excursion tickets must be used the same day.

Ticket Changes
No change fees, no cancellation fees.
However, we’d greatly appreciate the heads up if you’re not flying. Feel free to change your reservations up to five (5) hours prior to departure.

Ticket Cancellations
No cancellation fees. Reservations may be cancelled. Tickets are non-refundable and a new reservation may be made for anytime within the validation duration.

All reservations must be paid to be confirmed. No person is entitled to transportation without a valid, confirmed ticket.

Ticket Contact Info
Ticket must match your ID.

Fare Breakdowns
Online bookings, itineraries, and receipts outlines fare breakdowns: including the base fare (actual cost of the ticket), and the applicable government & airport taxes. Western Air’s Bahamas VAT Tin #100117000.

  • Come early, be prepared. CHECK-IN time is two (2) hours prior to departure for domestic flights and three (3) hours prior to departure for international destinations.
  • We understand that the check-in and security process at some of our locations are often quick, particularly at our Passenger Terminals in Freeport and San Andros. However, timely check- in helps with on-time departures and allows time for checked baggage processing. *During high volume days, please expect Security and Customs & Immigration delays at the larger airports, such as Lynden Pindling International Airport (NAS).
  • Flights close one (1) hour prior to departure. At flight closing time, passengers are to be in the departure lounge prepared to board. At this time, we’ve finalize dispatch docs and flights are free to leave anytime after the flight is closed.
  • Passengers traveling on connecting flights to international destinations, please allow for a minimum of three (3) hours between your scheduled arrival time and the scheduled check- in time of your international flight. For passengers on connecting flights to a domestic destination, please allow for a minimum of two (2) hours between your scheduled arrival time and the scheduled check in time for the next domestic flight.
  • Passengers must present a valid ID upon check- in. (Accepted IDs are passports, driver’s licenses, other government issued IDs/ badges and NIB cards)

Flight Changes – Delays, Cancellations. ​

  • We are dedicated to being on time, but on occasion there may be changes to the flight schedule between the time you book and the day of departure. Flight schedules are a top priority to us, but they are not guaranteed. Things such as weather, air traffic and other uncontrollable events may impact flight times. When there are changes or cancellations that may impact your trip, we will contact you as early as possible via phone and or email to notify & assist with rearrangements.
    • While our team will actively work to assist, Western Air is not liable for:
    • late flights, flight time changes or missed connections.
    • flight cancellations
    • late checked baggage (Within the scope of the law.)
    • consequential, incidental, or special damages resulting from these changes (under no circumstances).
  • In an event of a flight time change or cancellation, Western Air’s sole obligation is to refund the unused ticket value for delays more than 4 hours and rebook on the next available Western Air flight or upon your request and availability, accommodate on another carrier. For airline induced delays resulting in an overnight stay, Western Air may provide vouchers for an authorized hotel and transportation to and from the hotel and the airport. Western Air is not obligated to reimburse, if you book your own alternative accommodations without authorization from a Western Air Station Manager.
    • For delays or cancellations caused by conditions beyond our control (“force majeure”) Western Air shall have no liability for damages for any delay or flight cancellation. Force Majeure shall mean actual, threatened or reported:
    • Weather conditions or acts of GOD.
    • Wars, sanctions, embargos, civil unrest, pandemic declaration or emergency orders
    • Labor or fuel shortages. Work strikes, slowdowns or other labor related disputes
    • Any other conditions caused beyond the Carrier’s control and were not reasonably foreseen.
    • Please see Conditions of Carriage for more terms.
  • We welcome the opportunity to provide quality customer service to our customers with disabilities.
  • We always suggest making your reservations as soon as possible and letting us know if you require special service such as a wheel chair. There is never any additional charge for special assistance.
  • While we allow caretakers and guardians to check-in for customers with disabilities, identification will still be required and the passenger must be visible upon check in.
  • Upon check-in please inform your check-in agent that wheel chair assistance will be needed to ensure they alert boarding and ground staff.
  • For safety reasons, passengers needing assistance to walk up and down the stairs of the aircraft should be accompanied with a caretaker.
  • For any other special request, please call your local ticket counter and let us know how best we can assist you in your travel needs.


  • Maximum weight per bag is 40lbs.
  • First Checked Bag : FREE (up to 40lbs)
  • Second Checked Bag: $25 (up to 40lbs)
  • Overweight Bags 41-50lbs: Additional $25
  • Overweight Bags 51-60lbs: Additional $50
  • Bags weighing over 61lbs will not be accepted.
  • Passengers are allowed two (2) checked bags. Additional bags may be accepted upon availability.
  • Excess or overweight baggage may be sent on the next available flight.
  • Passengers are permitted one small personal item and one carry-on.
  • Carry-Ons must not exceed 10lbs and must fit in the overheard bin or below the seat in front of you.


  • Each passenger is allowed 40lbs. of checked baggage FREE.
  • Baggage in excess of 40lbs but less than 100lbs will be subject to a charge of $1.80 per pound (VAT included).
  • Second excess bag up to 40lbs and up to 40” L x 24”W x 18”H will be subject to a charge of $50 (VAT included).
  • Third excess bag up to 40lbs and up to 40” L x 24”W x 18”H will be subject to a charge of $70 (VAT included)
  • Additional excess baggage weighing over 40lbs or sizing over 40”L x24”W x 18”H but less than 70lbs will be subject to a charge of $100.00 (VAT included).
  • Oversized and overweight bags weighing between 70lbs -100lbs and up to 48”Lx 30”Wx 24”H will be subject to a charge of $125.00 (VAT included). Oversized and overweight bags are subject to available space.
  • Baggage over 100 lbs. will be shipped as cargo.
  • Excess baggage will be sent on the next available flight.
  • Excess baggage must be paid in cash at the time of check-in.
  • Excess baggage cannot be sent C.O.D. (cash on delivery).

General Policies

  • All carry ons must weigh 15lbslor less and be able to fit in the overhead bin. Carry ons must have a carry- on tag prior to boarding. This does not include the one (1) allowable personal item such as purses, small backpacks and laptop bags.
  • Please note, at some airports, checked baggage are sent to a third party. At LPIA, bags are screened by Airport Authority, and kept in Security possession until released to Western Air. Western Air shall not be liable for any checked baggage while it is in the possession of a third party, nor for Airport Authority delays of releasing baggage prior to departure. Checking in on time allows for checked baggage to be processed and released to Western Air.
  • Liability for loss or damage of passenger-checked baggage shall be limited to proven value of the property, not to exceed $250 domestically and $500 internationally. Western Air assumes no further liability for items valued over the not to exceed amounts.
  • Western Air does not provide for or make provisions for passengers to declare a higher valuation on checked baggage above the stated legal limits. It is the responsibility of the passenger to obtain additional insurance coverage, prior to departure. Such coverage can usually be obtained through travel agents, tour operators or independent insurance agents.
  • Western Air accepts no liability for any unchecked baggage including carry-on articles.
  • Money, negotiable paper, securities, vital medicine, jewelry, silverware, precious metal, sporting goods, camera lens and other similar valuables, will not be accepted as checked baggage. Western Air will not be liable for damages resulting from the theft, loss, damage or delay of such valuables included in checked baggage.
  • All medicines must be hand carried by the passenger. Western Air assumes no liability for medical complications and/or expenses resulting in such medicines being loss or damaged in checked baggage.
  • Western Air may accept cloth, canvas, vinyl, leather, etc. (soft-sided luggage) as checked baggage but accepts no liability for damage caused to the exterior of this type of luggage.
  • Western Air accepts no liability for luggage not collected at baggage claim. However, we will gladly assist you in locating your luggage.
  • Express Envelopes letter size same or next day service $30.
  • Express Envelopes legal size same or next day services $45.00.
  • Express envelopes or packages ex-large same or next day service $60.00.
  • Cargo box or cooler less than 40 pounds and up to 36″L x 24″W x 18″H $70.00 each.
  • Cargo box or cooler 40lbs and up to 40”L x24”W x 18”H but less than 70lbs are subject to a charge of $100.00.
  • Cargo box or cooler 70lbs to 100lbs and up to 48”Lx 30”Wx 24”H will be subject to a charge of $125.00.
  • Cargo, express mail and packages will be sent on the next available flight.
  • Cargo, express mail and packages must be paid at time of check-in.
  • Cargo, express mail and packages cannot be sent C.O.D. (cash on delivery).
  • Liability for loss, damage, or delay in delivery of cargo, express mail or packages shall be limited to proven value prior to shipment, not to exceed $250.00. Western Air does not provide for or make provisions for passengers to declare a higher valuation of cargo above the stated legal limits. While we may accept and transport high-valued items, upon request, please note it is the responsibility of the passenger to obtain additional insurance coverage, prior to departure. Contract of carriage still applies. Such coverage can usually be obtained through travel agents, tour operators or independent insurance agents.
  • Packages delivered to Western Air Cargo by 12 p.m. will be delivered the same day; after 12:00 p.m. they will be delivered the next day. All deliveries are counter to counter.

​​Traveling with pets?

  • We know pets are family too. Be sure to make their reservations in advance. A limited amount of pets are allowed per flight.
  • There is a pet fee of $100 one way at the desk.
  • Please check the vaccination and documentation required for each destination on your trip.
  • Don’t forget your pet’s identification tags and license.
  • For in cabin travel, your pet must travel in an approved pet carrier that cannot exceed 17″L x 12.5″W x 8.5″H and the combined weight of your pet and the carrier must not exceed 20 pounds.

​​Filing a Claim

  • Notice of claim on loss or damage passenger checked baggage must be made by filling out the Western Air claim form and submitting to a Western Air representative at the destination airport serviced by Western Air. All damaged baggage, mail and packages must be verified by a Western Air representative before it leaves the airport. Baggage or packages taken from the airport will be considered as having been received in good condition.

Insurance Coverage

  • Western Air is fully insured by a AAA rated insurance company.

The quality of the aircraft’s cabin air is carefully controlled. Western EMB-145 Jets and the Saab 340’s are equipped with ventilation systems that provide for fresh air to be circulated from the outside into the cabin while passengers are on board. the aircraft are also equipped with recirculation filters systems that allow air to pass through high-efficiency filters. These filters are similar to those used in intensive care units, which effectively trap dust particles, bacteria, fungi, and viruses. “Research has shown there is little risk of any communicable disease being transmitted on board an aircraft.”( World Health Organization). However, please note quality air does not prevent transmission through direct contact and touch via person-to-person as in any other location.

In an effort to minimize close contact, seats may be limited per flight. Passengers will be seated in space throughout the aircraft. We ask that upon boarding and deboarding passengers allow for the required 6 ft spacing between each person after landing, please remain in your seat and let a passenger seat in front of you adequate space to exit the aircraft before standing in an aisle.

Mask and face coverings are recommended but not required for travel. Gloves are also recommended but not required for travel.

To minimize the risk of passing on infections, travelers who are unwell particularly if they have a fever, should not travel until they have fully recovered. Individuals with a known, active communicable disease or have strong reason to believe that they have been exposed to such disease or virus such as covid-19 should not travel. Temperature checks may be requested prior to boarding. Passengers should avoid touching, over speaking or getting too close to fellow passengers during their travel. Please continue to exercise the recommended hygiene practices particularly the consistent washing of hands.

All aircrafts are thoroughly sanitized before and after every flight. High grade disinfectants proven to kill viruses and bacteria are released throughout the cabin through fogging machines, trash is disposed of and high-traffic surfaces are cleaned with disinfectant wipes.

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