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The vivacious capital of The Bahamas boasts world class resorts such as Atlantis and BahaMar.

Tour historic landmarks, shop local markets, indulge in boating & water activities, hit the dance floor and explore the best native restaurants. This busy city has it all and still manages to have pristine, uncrowded beaches. From Nassau, you can fly Western Air to explore the outer islands.

Miami Lighthouse at Sunset

Welcome neighbors! The beautiful city of Fort Lauderdale is just 25 mins away from Nassau (on the jet) and is one of the most visited US cities by Bahamians. Great restaurants, attractions and shopping. For more things to do in Fort Lauderdale visit here. Western Air offers daily flights between Nassau and Fort Lauderdale.


The charming island(s) of Bimini is a local favorite, with golf carts as the main mode of the transportation and a ferry to get between to the two main islands (North & South Bimini).  This island hideaway is the most western island of the Bahamas and the closest point to mainland US. Peace, tranquility and nature. No wonder it was the island of choice for Ernest Hemingway & Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. Western Air offers flights between Nassau and Bimini.


Welcome to the bone fishing capital of the world. This southern community of the island of Andros is best known for its exclusive fishing lodges. If you're looking to disconnect from the fast pace life and explore nature in the most authentic way, Congo Town is your next stop. Western Air offers flights between Nassau and Congo Town.


Arguably the most Instagram - worthy island, packed with gorgeous island scenery, crystal aqua waters, swimming pigs, cays of iguanas and island hopping boat tours. Exuma is the ideal excursion trip from Nassau. Fly Western Air from Nassau in the morning, bask in Exuma fun and return in the evening. Or if you want to explore Exuma longer, resorts like Grand Isle or Sandals Emerald Bay make it worthwhile.


Proudly known as the home of the Second City, Freeport. Grand Bahama is the second most populated island in the Bahamas and serves as Western Air's northern hub. The island is a refreshing blend of small island town energy, with city amenities. Numerous quiet beaches, local hot spots and signature foods. Weekends are for West End, where you'll enjoy fried fish & pancakes and the most popular Bahamian delicacy, conch salad, while overlooking the waterfront. Western Air offers the most daily flights between Nassau and Freeport, Grand Bahama.

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Imagine a breathtaking 8-mile stretch of an untouched pink sand beach. Well, it exists. Cat Island is the perfect escape. Visitors enjoy basking on the beach, diving, kiteboarding, sailing or simply exploring the rolling hills on the island. Cat Island is home to the Bahamas' highest point, Mount Alvernia. Western Air offers flights between Nassau and Cat Island. 

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Marsh Harbour is the commercial nucleus of the Abacos hosting the main airport. Small town feel with luxury yacht- filled marinas and city amenities. What else would you expect from the Boating Capital of The Bahamas? There is much to explore throughout the Abacos. Want to know more? Visit the Abacos here. Western Air offers daily flights between Nassau and Marsh Harbour, Abaco.


Home of Western Air. San Andros is just a 12 minute flight from Nassau & was the first airport Western Air began flights! San Andros sits in the northern region of Andros, the largest island in the Bahamas. North Andros has hidden gems like the barrier reef and water -filled caves called blue holes, that have become a hot spot for divers around the world. Western Air offers flights between Nassau and San Andros.

Providing daily scheduled flights, on demand flights, and private charters throughout The Bahamas, Caribbean, United States and Central & South America. 

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