What To Know Before Going To The Bahamas

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If you’re looking to book a flight to the Bahamas, you’ve likely already researched a little bit about the dreamy destination and all the beautiful sunny beaches that await you. Although the Bahamas does offer gorgeous sunny weather and warm sandy beaches for you to spend your days relaxing on, there is so much more to the country than what you can find with a simple Google search. 

Let’s take a closer look at what to know before you travel to the Bahamas and you can decide for yourself whether or not it will be the destination for your next vacation. One big question is when is the best time to travel?


When Should You Travel To The Bahamas?

It’s hard to imagine a place as beautiful as the Bahamas ever having bad weather or an off-season but believe it or not nowhere is perfect. If you’re looking to vacation between the month of June and November, you will be booking a flight to the Bahamas right in the middle of hurricane season. Nobody wants to spend their vacations stuck indoors, hiding from the bad weather conditions, especially when you’re somewhere with as much adventure and scenery to offer as the Bahamas. 

So now that we’ve talked about the worst time of year to visit the Bahamas, let’s talk about the best. If you were looking for guaranteed sunshine, blue skies and warm weather the best bet would be to book your travel between December and April. That being said, booking a flight to the Bahamas in this frame of time means that you’ll be visiting along with all the rest of the tourists. The crowds might be heavier, but once you’re sitting at the ocean with the sand between your toes, it’ll all be worth it.


Go To The Beach, But Don’t Spend All Your Time There

We know how this sounds to some people, especially those coming from colder climates. A lot of people book their flight to the Bahamas for the specific purpose of escaping the harsh winter season and laying under the warm sun. We don’t blame you! The country is home to some of the best beaches in the world including the pink sand beach on Harbor Island that is absolutely breathtaking and a must see for visitors. 

Even though the beaches are relaxing and a great way to spend your day, you will definitely want to make sure you carve out some time in your stay to check out some of the other great attractions the Bahamas has to offer. You can do anything from diving tours to swimming with the adorable piglets, exploring some caves, or even joining in a festival with the locals. There is so much to do we would hate for you to miss out. Speaking of missing out, if there is one thing you absolutely do not want to miss out on during your visit, it’s the local food. 


The Food Is Incredible

The local culinary heritage is a mixture of European, African, and South American flavors, so it is never lacking in the taste category. When you book your flight to the Bahamas you already know that it is completely surrounded by oceans of sparkling blue water. It should come as no surprise that the seafood is to die for. Caught daily by local fishermen, you will never be disappointed when dining at one of the Bahamas’ local restaurants. One thing in particular to be on the lookout for is conch. 

Conch is a mid to large sea snail that is used widely in many dishes. Locals have found so many ways to prepare it that are just mouth watering. You will find it in sandwiches, salads, pastas, and even fritters. We definitely recommend giving it a try. 


To make a long story short, there is a lot more than meets the eye in the beautiful country. If you are searching for a vacation spot that has a little something to offer in every category from scenery, food, relaxation, and adventure, the Bahamas is the place for you. Book your flight to the Bahamas today and you won’t regret it. 

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