What To Do In Congo Town

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Congo Town is a small village located in the southern part of the island of Andros, and it is the bone fishing capital of the world. Known for its exclusive fishing lodges, it is the perfect destination if you are booking your flights to the Bahamas and want to disconnect from the fast pace of life. Congo Town is a great place to explore nature in the most authentic way and Western Air offers direct flights between Nassau and Congo Town, making it super easy to visit while you are in the Bahamas. Congo Town offers incredible scenic ocean views and a laid-back environment to explore the area and what it has to offer. 

As Congo Town is known for its fish, it is no surprise that one of the main attractions is the fishing, and we have included some of the best places to go. However, if you are booking your flights to the Bahamas and don’t fancy fishing, don’t worry! Congo Town has some beautiful scenery and nature to enjoy. Whether you are booking flights to the Bahamas as a keen angler or want a unique experience, Congo Town has got you covered. 


Mars Lodge

If you are booking your flights to the Bahamas and hoping to go fishing, the flats of South Andros will be ideal for you as they have the biggest concentrations of bonefish. These silvery game fish found in the shallow warmth of the waters near the shore make this area the Bonefishing Capital of the World. These fish can grow up to 14 pounds and are often described as elusive for how hard they can be to catch due to their naturally camouflaged skin and reflective scales. Elusive or not, Bonefishing is popular in The Bahamas as a type of sport fishing which you can do in Beach Cay, Grassy Creek, Hawks Nest, Jackfish, and Water Cays. Mars Lodge offers the closest access to this activity for anglers, either using a skiff ride to the flats or fishing in front of the lodge itself. 


The Tongue of the Ocean

Fishing off the flats is popular because most of the waters around the Bahamas are shallow, but there are areas of deeper water. The Tongue of the Ocean is one of these areas and it separates the islands of Andros, Great Exuma, and New Providence. The Tongue of the Ocean is only a short distance from the island, but the ocean floor grows from a depth of 120 feet to 6,000 feet between the islands, allowing you a glimpse into the great unknown of the ocean while staying close to the shoreline. 

This is the third largest barrier reef in the world, stretching more than 160km; it is home to some of the most incredible marine animals and plants and to many fish, including Dorado, Tuna, Sailfish, Wahoo, and Jacks. While it is a great place to go fishing, it is also an incredible sight to witness, so if you are booking your flights to the Bahamas but you’re not interested in fishing, it is still worth visiting. 


Bair’s Lodge

Bair’s Lodge is conveniently located in Little Creek, South Andros Island, central to the South Bight and Grassy Creek. It provides access to some of the most distant flats while giving several sheltered areas regardless of wind direction. Bair’s is popular for several reasons, including its fine dining, excellent rooms, and relaxed tone focusing on privacy for customers. It also has easy access to gorgeous white sands and turtle grass flats. Making it a great place to go if you are booking your flights to the Bahamas and want to relax while taking in the scenery of these beautiful islands and still be close to everything.

From the lodge, it is easy to visit the Dep and Little Creek systems or take a day excursion to the South and West side fisheries. Grassy Creek, Deep Creek, Little Creek, the Water Cays, and Curley Cut Cays are synonymous with sight fishing for some of the world’s largest bonefish. The lodge enjoys some of the most under-fished flats in Andros, with easy access to wading flats and protected spots in the case of inclement weather. One of the best features of Bair’s Lodge is that you can run from the front door to the fish each day. It is definitely worth visiting Bair’s Lodge if you are booking your flights to the Bahamas and want to have a go at some fishing.


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We promise you that Congo Town is not a place to miss out on during your vacation. Although it is mainly catered to people wanting to fish, it is truly an incredibly unique place to visit, and we can guarantee you won’t be disappointed. Book your flight to the Bahamas today to experience these beautiful islands and all they have to offer.

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